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Hey, people! Welcome to Directors Commentary! I’m Daniel Beebe, and this is my blog, which I’m completing for Dr. Claire Rhode’s Communication on the Internet class at the University of Memphis. This blog is the last assignment that I’ll be doing before I graduate at the beginning of May. After five years at the U of M, I’ll finish with a degree in Education and minors in both English and Communication. After that, the big, wide world awaits…

Dr. Rhodes wanted us to blog about our “passion,” and after thinking about multiple topics (sports, technology, food), I finally settled on movies. I’ve always enjoyed films, but in the last few years I’ve really begun to delve into the technical aspects of movie making. My main goal for this blog is to highlight eight of my favorite film directors and explain both the impact they’ve had on me as a movie buff and the reasons that I’ve gravitated toward their work.

Hope you enjoy the site!

Email: dbeebe@memphis.edu